Gin Mill Dive was formed in the Fall of 2018 to bring their style of music to the forefront of their region's scene. 

The uniqueness of Gin Mill Dive is making head way across the region. People are tired of hearing the same old tunes from the same old bands. From the beginning, Gin Mill Dive has made it a priority to bring the best aspects of Southern Rock, Red Dirt Country and Classic Rock together to produce an eclectic sound that makes for a great live music experience. Their influences range from the Rolling Stones all the way to Blackberry Smoke. The members of Gin Mill Dive include Jeremy Treat (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Rob Butler (Bass, Vocals), Jake Moyle (Drums) and Richard Burnett (Pedal Steel and Lead Guitar). Together these members bring over 50 years of combined live music experience to the stage. Rob's unique style of Bass playing is almost a full rhythm section in itself and has made him one of the most sought after players in the region. Richard Burnett is one of the finest lead string players you'll find and has many awards to show for it. With no formal training and only playing by feel, every note will hit you in the soul. Jake Moyle's impeccable timing and groove on the drum kit make every song a roller coaster of emotion. Jeremy Treat's vocals and rhythm guitar will force you to stop and listen. You'll feel every note he sings. 

Gin Mill Dive is currently working on their debut album. In the meantime, you can count on live shows with some original music and all of those tasty covers from the bands that influenced them. Their story telling and lyrics connect with the audience by talking about real life situations that real people can relate to. Gin Mill Dive brings a new flavor and trend to the music scene.